Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Interactive Training Programme (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)
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Grow yourself and your career by completing this advanced introduction to using PowerPoint 2010. This step-by-step course takes novice PowerPoint users and teaches them how to build professional quality presentations with which to illustrate their talks and meetings..

In just two modules learners will move from understanding the basic principles of PowerPoint, to mastering the advanced concepts which elevate a presentation from standard to exceptional.

The Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training package is best suited to:

  • Professionals who need to learn how to build and manage slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to accompany talks and presentations.
  • Employees who want to expand their knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of applications.
  • Individuals who would like to learn and apply some of the more advanced PowerPoint techniques.
  • Individuals who would like to build their own presentations for use at home or at work.

Using an intelligent blend of expert instruction, practical exercises and interactive quizzes the Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training course is delivered online using the learning platform. This self-study approach allows students to work at their own pace, as and when best suits them.

Students can also use the social networking platform to share tips and advice with other learners, or to ask questions about any problems they encounter completing exercises.

key learning points

The Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training course is split into two halves – Introduction and Advanced. Starting gently with the basics of understanding the PowerPoint interface, training quickly moves on to cover:

  • Working with text boxes, and formatting text
  • Using shapes, object snapping and WordArt Styles to add variety.
  • Moving and copying slides to speed up the creation process.
  • Using tables to display data – including tables from other applications.
  • Adding formatted charts to visually explain data.
  • Using video clips and animated pictures to create additional visual interest.

The course then shifts over to look at more advanced topics including:

  • Proofing and autocorrection tools that prevent spelling mistakes creeping into the final presentation.
  • Using themes, format editing and sections to create a consistent “look” for a presentation.
  • Applying slide transitions, animation effects and object actions to further improve appearance.
  • Building a slide show and editing the timing to fit with a script.
  • Adding speaker's notes and comments to the presentation to assist with delivery.

The course modules cover all these topics and more, ensuring students will demonstrate complete mastery of PowerPoint by the end of their studies.

Advantages of this course

This two-phase course helps students move quickly from understanding the basics of PowerPoint to mastering advanced techniques that they can immediately apply to their own presentations.

Other benefits of the Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training package include:

  • The skills and experience required to create compelling presentations that communicate important information quickly and easily, and commands an audience’s attention.
  • A boost in confidence when delivering talks and presentations.
  • An in demand skill that will help secure new opportunities at work.
  • A good understanding of PowerPoint that can also be used to train other employees.

Upon completion of the Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training course, students will have an advanced working knowledge of building presentations and the basic skills to take their learning further towards earning the Microsoft Office Specialist qualification.

This course will teach you how to create presentations containing text, images, charts, tables, organization charts and other elements. You will be using already-prepared slide layouts. You will discover an easy method for how to display a presentation.

List of Lessons:
  • Basic orientation in PowerPoint window
  • Getting help
  • Create a new presentation, work with text boxes
  • Text formatting
  • Text with bullets
  • Shapes
  • Objects snapping and WordArt Styles
  • Clip Art editing
  • Moving and copying slides
  • Slide with a table
  • Tables from other applications
  • SmartArt graphics
  • Other SmartArt types
  • Slide with chart
  • Chart formatting
  • Symbols and equations
  • Video clips and animated pictures
In this course, you will learn advanced methods for formatting and showing presentations. You will be creating and using templates, color schemes and masters. You will be setting-up the properties for presentations, including transitions, animations, timing and notes. You will learn to review, print, export and import presentations.

List of Lessons:
  • Slide footer
  • Proofing and Autocorrection
  • Themes, format editing and sections
  • Slide background
  • Slide master
  • Slide transitions
  • Animation effects
  • Adding actions to objects
  • Slide show setup and editing timing
  • Slide show options
  • Custom template and theme creation
  • Speaker's notes and comments
  • Print
  • Various save formats and other Backstage options
  • Import
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Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
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Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (Powerpoint)
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Windows 7
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Windows 10
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
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